Image courtesy of Amber Wren Goldfeld

Image courtesy of Amber Wren Goldfeld


And welcome to A Stranger Here Myself. My name is Zeya and this site is intended as a home for the images, stories, and gratitudes gathered as I go about the strange and beautiful business of being human. 

Like you, I am many people with many stories to tell. Some are expressed through words, others through images, still others through the expression of what can be built or crafted by hands. One story whose exploration has been a constant in my life is the one about how we find a way to live well and beautifully on our gorgeous blue-green island, or not. For this, I hold a bachelor of arts in modern literature, a masters of arts in international development and emergency practice, and am a devoted student of permaculture, natural building, and other design sciences relating to sustainability and resilience-thinking. 

Some years ago I recognized that my fantastically privileged existence as a traveler of the world offered me the unique opportunity to share the beauty of the places and people I meet along the way through the lens of the camera. What started as a simple desire to document my travels grew into a real love of storytelling through still images. Increasingly it is through photography that I also earn a living, and if you are moved by the images you see here and would like my help in telling the story of your business, celebration, or other venture, please feel free to be in touch.

This version of my web site is brand new and many pages are still under construction. I am adding to it in random moments while not engrossed in other projects; most notably the construction of my own tiny home in the city of Oakland, California. As such the blog section is most reliably updated and active, though poking around other pages may also yield interesting results.

Thanks very much for visiting!